B'SMART Window Lock

    Everybody knows the feeling of worrying about little children. Windows are so interesting, funny, and informative, and if grown-ups prohibit anything, interest grows twofold. Modern plastic windows have only one handle, which can be opened very easily, and is located quite low. There is a way out of a dangerous situation. It is BSL (Baby Safe Locks), which will make your relatives — life safer.

    Sad statistics of children and grown-ups falling out of windows was a prerequisite for manufacture of special baby safe locks. If you do not want you child to use a window as a door, install a special security locking point on it, and you will always know that your child is safe, even if you are in another room.

    Besides reliable protection, a window restrictor is also a barrier for burglary. You will not have to have negative emotions and buy new things. A high level of anti-burglary protection and prevention of falling out of a window are a good stimulus for installation of a lock.

    Unfortunately, not all manufacturers install window locks. But it does not mean that you should wait until anything irreparable happens, or hope for favour of fate. Everyone can install baby safe locks.

A baby rim lock is very reliable, easy to use, and has a number of undeniable advantages:
  • Possibility to install on all types of metal-plastic and wooden windows, regardless of their profile and fittings
  • It blocks only throwing up of a window, and allows to air the room without unlocking a lock;
  • Its installation does not require special skills or call of a serviceman;
  • It is a reliable break-in protection;
  • It provides safety for children;
  • It has a compact and aesthetic design, which perfectly blends with a window;

The package contains: the main piece - housing, the secondary piece - mounting plate, the plastic coating, two red marked keys, screws necessary for instalation, graphite for marking the installing area, user manual.

        The price is 12 euro/package.

Window Lock
Window Lock