B’SMART Sliding Insects Screens


    B’SMART Sliding System is particularly suitable for balconies, terraces and greenhouses. The insects screen slides between the top and bottom rail. The bottom rail is fitted with a roller displacement mechanism that allows smooth adjustment of the angle of inclination of each leaf. A wide range of rails allow installation in different variants for any type of door. Sliding Anti Insects Screens can be used together with aluminium exterior window rolls.

     The sliding insects screens profile shape eliminates the need to use additional fastening. This system has a braking system which slows the movement and positioning of the leaf towards the end and a bumper profile that prevents hitting the framework. Each leaf of the sliding system is sealed with brush gasket. This kind of insects screen system, with its own frame, has a higher cost then the classic swing (hinged) system.

    The framework and profile of the Sliding Anti Insects Screens are fitted with interior brackets which bring strength and aesthetics to the system. The reinforcement of this type of sliding insects screen is achieved by using extruded aluminum profiles, thus greatly increasing the manufactured systems width. Systems reaching 3000 mm in a single, two or even three sashes can be made.

    Maintenance is very easy by monthly cleaning the dust using a brush.

    The standard colors are white (RAL 9010), brown (Ral 8014) but, upon request, can be painted in any RAL color or wood replication.


    You can analyse the technical details of the profiles used in the Sliding Insects Screen system.

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